We are approved to give COVID (Astra-Zeneca) vaccinations and will be starting these from April.

However we will only be receiving limited doses initially and at first will be inviting higher risk patients.

We will be opening bookings at a later date (via phone call to the practice) for other patients over 70 when we have a larger supply.

North Eastern Health Centre

Senior Health Assessments for patients over 75 years

With your permission one of our Practice Nurses can visit you in your home to discuss aspects of your physical, social, emotional and environmental health and wellbeing. For more details refer to the pamphlet available in the waiting area.

Diabetic Clinics / Reviews

Diabetic clinics are run weekly on Thursday mornings, with patients seeing a Practice Nurse and Dr Stephen Hobson to discuss and help manage their diabetes. These appointments can be made on other days if required.

Saturday Pap Smear Clinics

Dr Kate Wylie runs a Saturday morning pap smear clinic once a month. All appointments in this clinic are bulk-billed. Please contact our reception for further details and to make an appointment.

Wound Management and Minor Procedures

Minor wounds can be attended at the surgery but any complex wound care will need to be assessed and appropriate referrals made by your GP.

Following a consultation with your regular GP minor procedures can be performed at the surgery to remove small lesions as required.

We have GPs at the practice able to insert and remove long activing contraceptives such as the Implanon and Mirena (Dr Joanne Marshall only) devices.

Please be aware that all procedures incur a gap fee.

Iron Infusions

Both Dr Eugene Tho and Dr Joanne Marshall are able to perform iron infusions within our practice.

Prior to the infusion your iron status and need for infusion will need to be assessed, and a script provided.

Please be aware that the infusions require longer than normal appointments that need to be specifically booked and incur a $50 cost on top of the normal consultation fee.

Administration of Immunisations


We strongly encourage all children to be fully immunised according the South Australian Immunisation Schedule. Immunisations can be arranged through our nurse or your doctor. If you are unsure of your child’s immunisation history speak with our nurse and she will be happy to follow this up. Please bring your Childs blue book with you to these visits.


We also encourage adult immunisations and we stock influenza and pneumonia vaccines for the over 65 year old and medically at risk immunisation program. Speak to your Doctor if you feel you may need a vaccination or are unsure if you may be at risk, or intending to travel overseas and they will arrange appropriate immunisations for you.


We are able to perform ECGs, Spirometry and Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring.