We are approved to give COVID (Astra-Zeneca) vaccinations and will be starting these from April.

However we will only be receiving limited doses initially and at first will be inviting higher risk patients.

We will be opening bookings at a later date (via phone call to the practice) for other patients over 70 when we have a larger supply.

North Eastern Health Centre

Contacting your Doctor

Doctors will address EMERGENCY phone calls only during normal consulting hours. If you wish to discuss non urgent issue with the Doctor, please make an appointment.

If urgent, please give the receptionist a clear, concise explanation of the nature of the emergency. This information will be passed on to the doctor.

Any non-urgent phone message will be addressed after consulting hours.

Repeat Prescriptions

In the interest of better health care and monitoring, repeat prescriptions generally will not be issued without doctor-patient contact unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Where it has been agreed that repeats will be issued, 48 hours’ notice is required if it is to be collected. Please allow an additional 3-4 days if it is to be posted.

There is a fee of $15.00 for repeat prescriptions where a consultation cannot be reimbursed by Medicare.


The Medicare Benefits Schedule requires that a doctor’s assessment takes place prior to any referral to a specialist, if Medicare is to reimburse payment.

Referrals are made as a result of an examination, or otherwise based upon professional judgment, and cannot be backdated.

Privacy Policy

The Australian Privacy Principles govern standards, rights and obligations around:
The collection, use and disclosure of personal information
An organisation or agency’s governance and accountability
Integrity and correction of personal information
The rights of individuals to access their personal information

Our Privacy Policy describes how and why we collect, use and store your personal information, and why and when your consent is necessary.

Patients have the right to request access to, and correction of, their personal information.

Our practice acknowledges patients may request access to their medical records and we have a procedure in place for these requests. This information is detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Our practice will take reasonable steps to correct personal information where the information is not accurate or up to date. From time to time, we will ask patients to verify that their personal information held by our practice is correct and current.

Patients may also request that we correct or update their information, and should make such requests in writing to the Practice Manager.

Computer and Data Security

North Eastern Health Centre has systems in place to protect the privacy, security, quality and integrity of the data held electronically. Doctors and staff are trained in computer use and our security policies and procedures and updated when changes occur.

The North Eastern Health Centre ensures that our practice computers and servers comply with the RACGP computer security checklist and that:
Computers are only accessible via individual password access to those in the practice team who have appropriate levels of authorisation
Computers have screensavers or other automated privacy protection devices are enabled to prevent unauthorised access to computers
Servers are backed up and checked at frequent intervals, consistent with a documented business continuity plan
Back up information is stored in a secure off site environment
Computers are protected by antivirus software that is installed and updated regularly

Child Safe Policy

The North Eastern Health Centre has a Code of Conduct in relation to child safety and our Child Safe Policy complies with the current regulatory requirements.

Complaints and Suggestions

Our staff is committed to offering the best service and support possible. If you have a complaint or suggestion about any aspect of the service you have received we would like to hear about it, so that we may be able to respond and attempt to improve our service. You can discuss the issue with your own Doctor or ask to discuss the problem with the Practice Manager. If you still feel that your complaint has not been addressed then you may wish to contact the AMA on 83610101 or by post PO Box 134 North Adelaide SA 5006.